Who I am, and why I enjoy giving tours

Hi! I am Jessica Foos Jones and I am a Licensed Tour Guide.

I love giving tours of Charleston and sharing the  history and stories of the city.
As a fourth generation Charlestonian, I grew up in the historic downtown area which was very different then. It was covered with kids playing in the streets and riding bicycles all over town. The streets were much quieter and there was more peeling paint. Families went home for "Charleston dinner" around 2 pm, then went back to work or school.

My grandparents, Robert and Patti Whitelaw, were very involved in historic preservation of Charleston, and were among the founders of the Historic Charleston Foundation. Needless to say, I grew up hearing about Charleston's beautiful architecture, bygone culture and colorful characters. I feel blessed to live in the Charleston area and to raise my young daughter here. I invite you to come see Charleston with me.

Historic Charleston Walking Tours  donates 10% of it's profits to Fresh Future Farm. Fresh Future Farm is a very successful grassroots nonprofit in North Charleston's inner-city that is an urban farm which grows and sells fresh produce and grocery services. The community can use food stamps to buy the fresh produce and transportation is also provided. Fresh Future Farms creates jobs and also teaches people in the area how to create their own successful businesses. It's mission is to create socially just economic development. It is very successful and expanding.